Fun Activities For The Whole Family During Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the entire world by storm and we are all stuck at home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. It would be better to not let kids or seniors out of the house because you would not want to take the chance of them getting the virus. The world already has more than 2 million people infected by it and the list keeps on growing. It is a good thing there are a lot of fun activities for the whole family during the quarantine. One of them is to watch a movie and that would be great if you have a widescreen TV. It could be cartoons so the kids can enjoy or a romantic comedy so the teens would enjoy it. It can be a wholesome movie marathon and have some popcorn while you are at it. When you have cable, you would certainly have a lot of options as some cable channels show movies the entire day and night. Better check out the schedule so you will know right away if they are showing some of your favorite movies. If that is the case, better call everyone in. Another good option would be to play an indoor scavenger hunt. It would also be a learning activity for everyone as it will bring out your competitive spirit. Of course, the oldest person will be the one to make the list and the younger ones will search it. This activity will most likely last the entire day.

One overlooked family activity is group exercise as everyone needs to lose calories especially at a time when you are not supposed to go out of the house. Yes, that means those who are used to jogging outside and going to the gym won’t be able to. It can even be done out in the yard so you can get some nice fresh air. Some can do some burpees, while some can do pushups and others can do jumping jacks. It is also possible for someone to lead the group in doing something so that everyone can just follow. it is pretty fun and everyone will sweat a lot. This is best to be done early in the morning and better have a bottle of water nearby for everyone as it is important to stay hydrated throughout the entire thing. Also, another activity would be camping in the yard as you can all pretend like you are in the woods but you can always set up a tent out in the yard. You can play a ton of games such as finishing the story or even never have I ever. Don’t forget to bring out the marshmallows so you can toast it by the fire. It would be best to eat it that way and who does not like marshmallows? It is a cool idea to indulge in while the setting is a bit different. You will even forget the world is in a pretty bad way now.